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Confessions… Fashion, kind of.

Confession… One of my school pictures from Elementary School has me smiling with a huge gash on the side of my eye. Why? Because I ran into the clothes line while chasing our dog the same morning as picture day.

Confession… I went through a phase of wearing all black. It was very short lived but I just loved the color. It continues to be the color I wear the most.

Confession… I pin adorable outfits on pinterest but I never ever consider giving them a try. At least I can appreciate adorable clothing choices.

Confession… what is this?:

childhood photo

Confession… I wore JNCO jeans in Middle School but I rarely used the giant pockets because I was afraid everything would fall out. Yes, that’s right… out of GIANT pockets.

Confession… Starter jackets. I had one, it was a Wisconsin Badgers one and I loved it.

Confession… I wore a t-shirt, jeans and my hair in a ponytail every day until late middle school.

Confession… At some point I thought wearing Elton John sunglasses was okay.

elton john sunglassess

Confession… The first dress I wore [during the years I got to dress my self] wasn’t until eighth grade graduation… where I wore plain white tennis shoes with it and ran home after we graduated so I could change.

Confession… I never liked carrying a purse. A lot of times I would bring it somewhere and then put it down and forget about it. I am still this way today- I have taken a purse with me fewer times than I have fingers and my hand since I started dating Ben in 2010.

Confession… I had a mullet once.

childhood mullet

Confession…I hate shopping. HATE it.

Confession… You will NEVER see me post a picture of my outfit of the day… because I don’t even know how to go about that.

Confession… My sister mentioned peplom on her facebook status Thursday and I had no idea what it was… I had to google it.

Confession… My hair is this length again, but now I realize bangs and I don’t get along and I know what product is. Also, I don’t know where that gap went.

childhood photo 2

What are your fashion confessions?
Any embarrassing childhood photos?

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53 thoughts on “Confessions… Fashion, kind of.

  1. Lauren @Will Run for Boston

    These are all so funny, and I can relate to tooo many. When I was in elementary school I used to where patterned leggings (the kind that have the strap under your foot) with oversized t-shirts and my jellies! So styling!

    Also, that one time I let my sister cut my hair… bad idea!

  2. bemomstrong

    Too many embarrassing child photos.. like the time my parents went out of town and I stayed with my grandparents only to have them let me dress myself for picture day. Yikes.

  3. Caroline

    These pictures are so great :) It took me until part way through 8th grade to grow out my bangs, and that was really unfortunate. Frizzy hair + bangs + glasses + braces= unfortunate middleschool look.

  4. Christine

    Ha this post cracked me up! I was pretty unfashionable in middle school. I finally found my own sense of style in college but you’ll never mistake me for being cutting edge.

  5. Christine

    Loved this post! I was pretty unfashionable in middle school and finally found my own sense of style (albeit not a terribly cutting edge one) when I was in college.

  6. milesandblessings

    Doesn’t Everyone have embarrassing kid pictures :)!!!!!! I am definitely no fashion guru! My best fashion advice is be comfortable :). I like running/athletic fashion WAY more than any other fashion. Whenever I shop I find myself drifting to the athletic section :)

  7. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I went through a “I only want to wear pajama pants and sweat pants to school” during the first two years of high school because I was really body conscious. Like, I would wear Hot Tamale pajama pants. My mom HATED it! I eventually grew out of it.

    Confession now: I RARELY wear “regular” blue jeans. I usually wear leggings (I LOVE patterned ones), tights, or patterned pants.

    No embarrassing photos really from my childhood, but I was always naked. Also, my brother was always in pictures with a helmet on….For a solid 3-4 years, all photos have a helmet on his head or in the picture somewhere.

  8. Rachel

    I know nothing about fashion. I never have. That’s why I stay in pjs and workout clothes when I don’t have to get dressed to go to work. I also wear a lot of black. I realized the other day as I was getting dressed that my outfits have at least one black item in them daily. I also sported a mullet. It was a popular choice in the early 90s.

  9. Kim

    I don’t have many pictures from my childhood and it is just as well – they were hideous!!! My mom used to give me home perms – the kind where you had to wait a week to wash your hair – basically it turned into a frizzy mess – good times!!!

  10. Kim

    I don’t have many pictures of my childhood which is probably just as well since most of them are awful!!! My mom used to give me home perms (the kind where you had to wait a week after to wash your hair) – always a frizzy mess for several months – good times!!

  11. Meaghan @ Tale of Two Teachers

    1. I just googled peplum.
    2. Ponytail, jeans and tshirt is still my go to – same as it was in middle school.
    3. I can’t carry a purse without losing it and usually just bring my wallet or put my cards in my pocket.

    Confessions… I used to wear shorts under jeans so I could easily change for gym or practice. Like baggy soccer shorts tucked awkwardly into my jeans… I don’t even know how it was comfortable?

  12. cldem

    I always wanted to be a fashion designer, so I was that kid in my rural Maine school that dressed like the models in Teen and Seventeen. I wore the bun crown, shirts with see through sleeves, went grunge during the height of that, did the menswear thing in the mid-90s, wore school girl outfits with platform heels. I’ve had the curly mullet (curls on top, long straight hair in back), spiral perm (my hair is now naturally curly, I think its a hair karma thing), a pixie cut, bowl cut, the big floppy hair thing in the early 2000s, the Rachel. I’ve had highlights, lowlights, Kool-Aid pink, home dyed, salon dyed, and lemon juiced color.

    There are more pictures showing the ridiculous clothing and hair choices over my 33 years.

  13. Kelly @ Femme Fitale

    OMG, you are adorable!!!

    I always thought I was on-trend, but it’s so embarrassing to look back on photos (particularly middle school). I, too, was obsessed with my Starter jacket…Orlando Magic. Although, slightly more in love with my two piece Puma tracksuit that I wore for 2 weeks straight in the 6th grade. I also had a sweet pair of Elton John glasses. Hope you saved those, as they are apparently back in fashion! hahah

    Too funny.

    PS- bring back the she-mullet?

  14. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    My favorite sweater has a peplum bottom, but I didn’t realize that was what it was called until I Googled it. I always heard of peplum collars growing up, but wasn’t sure what that was (pre-Google, HaHa!) My fashion confession: I love scarves, have several, but I’m never sure I’m wearing them right. Is there really a right or wrong way?

  15. Hailey

    I HATE shopping too, unless it’s for athletic clothes. My childhood fashion confession is that I used to wear overalls to school every.single.day My adult fashion confession is that I saw some the other day and kind of wanted to buy them because I remembered how comfortable they were…

  16. Kim @ BusyBod

    Omg I forgot about JNCO jeans. I’m dying, I had them too (but I did use the pockets). All aspects of my “fashion” through some point in college were nothing short of tragic. The worst was deciding that only blonds were pretty and bleaching my hair for most of high school. There are no words for how wrong blond hair looks on me. It was disturbing.

  17. runninginscrubs

    My sister and I used to rock what we call the golfball now..we’d pull our hair into tight ponytails and use SOOOO much hairspray so our hair would lie completely flat to our skulls…super cute

  18. Lindsay

    Hahahaha, I loved this post! Love the fashion choices I made back then and seeing picture of myself from that time – hello hair wrap from the beach in my 3rd grade picture! Think I could rock that again? I wear a lot of black too – my sister is always telling me to get more color when we go shopping together!

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