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Shoes for Space: Brooks Transcend Review

Can we talk about how my a box bigger than my upper body showed up on my doorstep in January containing a spaceship equipped with a video AND shoes inside of it? I mean, I never wanted to be an astronaut before but if space is anything like these shoes I may need to rethink my career. After all, I hear the switch from a fifth grade teacher to an astronaut is no big deal.

And that’s not all. Brooks Running didn’t stop with the spaceship box when designing these shoes. They must have called in all of their local space agents to find out how they could put a VIDEO inside of a running magazine to advertise these bad boys. To say they blew my mind is an understatement.

I have to be honest… I tend to shy away from things that are flashy. I use to joke [when I was single] that guys with a really nice car were like a good bra. False advertisement. If it is flashy it typically means bad news bears [in my experience]. Outside of the fact that they were BRIGHT pink and slightly heavier than most of the shoes I have been training in recently I was excited to give them a try.

A little background knowledge on my shoe situation… recently I’ve been wearing nothing but Brooks’ Pure Line when running. My favorites are my Pure Flows. With any shoe switch I like to ease into a transition so I wore the transcends around town running errands the first few times before I took them out on a test run. Slowly but surely these shoes have become one of my all time favorites. I mildly over-pronate when I run so I have had to be very careful when finding shoes that are JUST right for my build.

brooks3Shoe Details:

  • Designed with a stability shoe model in mind BUT, because of its revolutionary design it can also work for neutral runners.
  • All new Guide Rails provide support to counteract pronation.
  • Extra plush cushioning [who can deny extra plush?!] called Super DNA, offering 20% more cushioning than the normal BioMoGo DNA.
  • Arch support to keep your feet #RUNHAPPY!
  • Slightly “heavier” [weighing in at 10.1 ounces] than a comparable shoe but I didn’t even notice it until I compared the weight on a scale.
  • Rounded heel to help you align your stride.
  • Perfect for running, walking, or standing for a long period of time…. they’re even great for chasing your dog around the house on a snow day.


If you’re looking for a shoe with some stability OR a great shoe to sport during runs, walking, and a lot of standing… the Brooks Transcends could just be the right fit for you.

What shoe are you currently sporting?
What is your favorite shoe color combination?
When was the last time you bought new shoes?

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48 thoughts on “Shoes for Space: Brooks Transcend Review

  1. krisonfitness

    Great review! I am always looking for that “perfect ” stability shoe. I over-pronate and due to carrying a few extra pounds I need a really good stability shoe but one that doesn’t weigh a ton either. I would really like to try these out and see how they feel. Thanks for the information.

  2. vitatrain4life

    Darn it! I was hoping you were going to say you hated them and people who need some stability should stay away. Great. Now I HAVE to get these!!! :-)
    Love the comment about guys with nice cars and a good bra! Perfect.

    1. Olive Post author

      I had a woman stop me and tell me my shoes were “hot!” I couldn’t tell if she said it because she just liked them or because they’re that bright. :)

  3. emmelineruns

    I was wondering if it would be good to “go backwards” from my Pure line shoes to a bigger drop but a good review is so hard to resist. I might have to check them out :) btw, Axl’s ears kill me.

  4. Amy Lauren

    I also need stability shoes but was a bit turned off by these and the price (I normally go with Mizuno, which are like $120) and the higher weight. I don’t need shoes right now but maybe when I do, I will try these on. I haven’t had Brooks in awhile, because I mostly stick with mizuno, but I’ve liked the pure flow and a lot of my friends love the pure line, so that might work well for me.

  5. milesandblessingsj

    I have a slight running shoe addiction so it has not been that long since I got new shoes….but that does not mean I will not get another pair in the near future either. I justify it by being so frugal in other areas :). We do not go on a lot of expensive dates, a do not spend a lot on clothes or other shoes ect., ect. With all the running shoes I have I am not loyal to one brand really and have not yet found a shoe that I “stick with”. I like Mizuno wave riders…but haven’t tried the new ones yet and Wave Elixers. I have Brooks Pure Flows but am just easing into them since they are more natural than I am used too. I also like Saucony Guide’s. I like blue’s for color :)…I like bright but not too crazy.

  6. Courtney @ Don't Blink. Just Run.

    I’m sorry, were you saying something about shoes? I got distracted by the cute little Axl man!

    That has to be the most epic shoe box ever – I love it! I wear Mizuno Wave Inspires (the only shoe model I’ve worn since I started running 2 years ago). I personally don’t have a super favorite of the ones I’ve had, but the best color combo if I have to pick one are when they were grey/black with a pop of sky blue around the sole.

  7. beil4

    Love reading reviews! I am a shoe junkie and I love to hear what others think about certain shoes. I have tried the shoes out as well and they just have too much stability for me but I feel they are great for walking as well. Right now I am in the Wave Riders (I have been for about 7 years!) love them to death! I buy shoes way to often #workingatarunningstoreproblems!

  8. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Love the bright color!! I’m sporting Mizunos Wave Rider in bright orange of course :). I’m never tried Brookes. Mainly because when I got fitted for my shoe, they picked Mizunos and I’ve never had problems since! Although I secretly wish I wore Brookes because I love all the colors their shoes come in haha :)

  9. Nicole

    I am obsessed with Brooks lately. I recently bought a pair of Brooks Pureflow 2 because they were on sale…and how can anyone resist a good shoe sale?

  10. Amber S.

    Currently sporting the PureFlow 2′s. I’m intrigued by some of the other pure project line shoes but I don’t know really what the difference is between them and so I’d want to figure that out and make sure they are for me first. I used to love plain colored shoes, simply black. But now I like to experiment. The last time I bought new shoes was last week. I added another pair of the PureFlow’s to my collection but in the purple color. Got them for 50$. Score!

    1. Olive Post author

      I do… I would really recommend them for most activities in which you are begging for comfort under your feet for a long period of time! I am really enjoying them!

  11. Ashley @ Brocblog

    I was so annoyed that they ran out of my size when they came to my running club for trials, I’d definitely be interested in testing them out because I’m looking for a second shoe to rotate into my life but I may just do two pairs of pure cadence because I love them.

  12. Brianna @ I run He tris

    I currently run in Brooks Pure Flow 2 and the 3s should be arriving soon! I don’t really have a preference of shoe color but for me, the more color the better!! I used to run in Newton’s until I started having foot pain and needed more cushioning so I switched in November. Glad to hear you like the Transcends!

  13. runninginscrubs

    I’m rocking Ravenna 4s right now and love them, but would love to try other Brooks shoes out as well :) I need some pink in my life!

      1. runninginscrubs

        I was recommended them by a local running store in Charlotte…and I’m a huge suck for peer pressure so that’s what I bought haha

  14. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily

    I typically stay away from bright, flashy shoes, but I have a pair of bright orange Reebok’s that are so comfortable, they are like walking on clouds. I didn’t care what color they were!

    1. Olive Post author

      I actually do not wear Kayanos… I wore Asics a lot during my last training and I’d say these are even better… they feel more plush and lightweight.

  15. Carly @ Fine Fit Day

    I just bought new shoes online & am waiting for them to arrive. I was given a pair of Saucony Kinvaras a while ago and liked them so much I bought the same again. In the past I’ve only worn Mizunos and usually wear Wave Riders, but I’m actually trying the Sayonara, since I liked the minimalist feel of the Kinvaras. I just read my comment back and it’s official, I am a running shoe nerd. Sigh.

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